The Cost of Veterinary Care

posted: by: David MacQuigg, Business Manager Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Pet owners’ most common complaint about Veterinary services is the cost.  This is especially true in rural communities like Benson, where we have a many retirees who simply can’t afford to give their pets the best medical care.  We hear you, and we are trying to do something about it.

We encourage our clients to compare prices at other vet clinics, and let us know if we are higher. While we can’t match the lowest, we try to set our prices the same as most other clinics in the region. We get monthly reports from Idexx, showing how we compare with regional and national averages. November 2017 was typical: $124 average per invoice, compared with $135 regional average and $134 national average.  These prices are about half what MDs charge for equivalent medical services, even though veterinarians have the same years of medical school and the same huge student debts.

While our focus is on top-quality care, we try also to help clients who can’t afford laser surgery, digital x-rays, the best lab services, and referrals to specialists.  Let us know if you are worried about costs, and we will do our best to provide care you can afford, including referrals to other clinics that specialize in low-cost services, like spays, neuters, and vaccines only (no exam).  We will explain your options, but never push you to spend more than you can afford.  We will work with you and show you how to provide for yourself much of the care your pet needs, and avoid the most common expensive problems like dental surgery or exposure to parvo.